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Casting and Script Submissions

Casting & Script Submissions

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Casting & Script Submissions

Audition Information

Thank you for your interest in Arena Stage. Auditions for our productions are typically by invitation only. Arena Stage casts both Equity and non-Equity actors for our productions and in our developmental workshops and readings.

If you would like to be considered for our upcoming season or for a particular project, please submit your picture and résumé by mail only to:

Arena Stage
1101 Sixth St., SW
Washington, DC 20024

We review every photo and résumé that we receive, and we contact actors individually to schedule auditions based on their experience and training. Please feel free to invite us to any performances you may have in the area as well, so we can see your work on stage.

Script Submissions

Arena Stage does not accept unsolicited script submissions. Instead, projects come to our attention through agents, our national scouting process, and our pipeline of new work through our commissioning and development initiatives.