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2018 activities 2-Week session

First Daily

Mystery Writing (8-12) Brandon

Whodunit? You decide! Take your readers on a ride in your mystery story. Together we'll crack the case on what makes a great mystery.

Musical Theater Dance (8-12) Phil

In musicals, when a character can’t express themselves in words, they sing. When singing isn’t enough, it’s time for a dance break! Explore different styles of musical theater dance and learn show-stopping numbers.

Pick-Up Sports (8-12) Kerry

Get outside, run around and play some sports! Be part of a team, playing games like soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, wiffle ball, volleyball, kickball and Capture the Flag. The focus here is teamwork, not competition. All are welcome.

Acting (8-12) Alex

An actor uses their body, voice, imagination and collaboration to make audiences laugh, cry and leap to their feet. Try out different styles and approaches to theater and see what works for you as an actor.

Movie Trailers (8-12) Smeeta

Coming this summer! If you go to the movies and the trailers are your favorite part, this Daily is made for you. Learn the basics of pre-production, production and post-production to produce movie trailers that will be ready to be shown at a Camp Arena Stage near you!

Art Rules (8-12) McLean

Learn the rules of drawing and painting, and then practice breaking them! We will learn technique for pencil, watercolor, acrylic, and oil. Then, we’ll exaggerate, explore and even break the rules to enhance our unique styles as artists.

Fashion Design (8-12) Jamila

Style is part of who you are! Enter the world where style, imagination and art meet. There will be an introduction to fabrics, including folds and drapes, as well as textures, colors and patterns. We’ll design and illustrate our own garments and experiment with some basic sewing too.

Jewelry Making (8-12)

Express yourself with beaded jewelry. Make wearable works of art with string and beads, starting with simple bracelets and advancing to more complex jewelry.

Tap Dance (8-15) DeMoya

Do you have rhythm? Designed for first-time tappers, learn basic tap technique, steps and rhythms including flaps, shuffles, riffs and paddles. Dancers must provide their own tap shoes.

Ukulele and Singing (8-15) Jenna

Are you a singer who wants an easy way to accompany yourself? Do you love the music in shows like Steven Universe or movies like Lilo and Stitch? Good news! CAS can teach you how to play this Polynesian instrument. No ukulele needed! We'll provide it! This relaxing and fun class will focus on learning basic chords that you can use to accompany yourself on your favorite songs. Come sing and strum along with us!

Songwriters Studio (12-15) Juan Pablo

Are you a songwriter or musician? Ready to record your first (or next!) album? Work on your craft and learn how to record and produce your own music.

Stage Combat (12-15) Dan

Learn the basics of unarmed combat with a certified combatant. This class requires responsibility, the ability to follow the directions and work safely with a partner. We’ll discover how to create stage movement and where it fits in telling a story on stage.

Devised Theater (12-15)

Instead of starting with a script, devised theater starts with the actors in the room and their ideas. Learn how to create evocative, ensemble performance pieces using movement, poetry and personal writing. Arena Stage is nationally and internationally renowned for its devised work with middle and high school artists.

Stop-Motion Animation (12-15) Morgan

Before CGI animation there was stop-motion animation. Come explore this amazing technique where you can create movement and special effects by taking many images per second. You are invited to stretch your imagination as you use props, toys and clay to create your own, unique animated video.

DesignTM (12-15) Liz

Learn how to turn your inspiration into art, art into designs, and designs into a final collection that tells the story of your one-of-a-kind brand. Choose a theme concrete (ex. cupcakes) or abstract (ex. chaos). We’ll turn these final designs into a collection of items—bookmarks, greeting cards, notebook covers, sticker sheets, etc.

Musical Theater Audition (12-15) Maria

Musical theater artists are triple threats, so they should be prepared for singing, dancing and acting at their auditions. Learn from some of the best musical theater professionals and step into your next audition with confidence.