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First Daily

Ceramics (8-12) Joy

Welcome to the wonderful world of clay! Using hand-building techniques, we’ll make marvelous works of art including pinch pots, tiles, vessels with handles, and unique creatures.

Interactive Art (8-12) Julia D.

Tired of signs that say “don’t touch the artwork?” Create sculptures that double as musical instruments. Make optical illusion artwork that totally changes when viewed from another angle. We’ll build art with hidden compartments, art with secret pictures, and art you can touch, smell, and crawl through.

Large-Scale Puppetry (8-12) Matt

Explore the wonders of paper and glue, sticks and fabric and learn to create REALLY big puppets. Parade your puppets around Camp Arena Stage in a magical spectacle!

Story Explorers (8-12) Fareed

Travel the world through storytelling and movement. Explore the folktales and fairytales from cultures around the world, and then work together to create short plays that tell those stories in new and exciting ways. Expect to read together, move together, create exciting characters and connect to the world through an awesome storytelling adventure!

Silent Movie (8-12) Kerry

Lights, camera, silent movie! Heroes and villains, Keystone Cops and screwball comedians: learn about the classic beginnings of cinema and develop its heightened physical acting style. We’ll produce silent pieces for both stage and screen.

Contemporary Dance (8-12) Laura

A combination of modern dance and lyrical jazz, we will start with a full-body warm up, execute dynamic sequences across the floor, and learn varied pieces of choreography to different styles of music. Learn to fly, to fall, and to dance between the edges!

Disney Favorites (8-12) Jonathan

Is Disney music a Part of Your World? Is singing important in your Circle of Life? Be Our Guest and join this Daily in which you learn more about singing the music you know and love! We’ll work in groups small and large on songs from Disney musicals past and present, and bring Honor To Us All!

Pick-Up Sports (8-12) Daron & Harrison

Get outside, run around and play some sports! Be part of a team, playing games like soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, wiffle ball, volleyball, kickball and Capture the Flag. The focus here is teamwork, not competition. All are welcome!

CAS Newspaper (8-15) Ky’Lend

Interview campers! Snap a photo! Doodle a cartoon! Together we’ll come up with a name for the paper, the stories we want to report and the best way to capture all of the things that go on around camp.

Beginning Guitar (8-15) Erik

Have you always wanted to learn to play the guitar? We’ll learn the basics of guitar technique, musicality and music reading, in a comfortable, fun environment. You can bring your own guitar or borrow one of ours.

Printmaking (12-15) Erin

Roll up your sleeves and roll out the ink! Learn a variety of print techniques for cards, posters, wrapping paper and other works of art. Get ready for lots of experimentation!

Sewing in a Straight Line (12-15)

Ever want to learn how to sew and have some fun along the way? This Daily is for you! We will make things for you to wear and decorate your room…all after learning how to sew in a straight line.

Studio Production (12-15) Patrick

Are you a fan of news programming or daytime talk shows? This is the Daily for you! Learn the basics of a studio show and all the people that make it happen. We’ll work to produce our own news or daytime talk show and learn a thing or two about game shows too.

Shhh (12-15) Raymond

In this Daily, campers will explore silent-scene development. Combining character creation, movement technique, music, and storytelling, campers will create pieces that tell a story without words.

Hip-Hop Dance (12-15) Brandon

Calling all b-boys and b-girls: time to take your hip-hop to the next level. In addition to more complex hip-hop dance, we’ll explore other aspects of hip-hop culture.

A Cappella (12-15) Wes

Who needs instruments when you’ve got a “pitch perfect” ensemble of singers? Learn to harmonize, provide percussion, hold your own part and work as a tight ensemble as you sing a cappella arrangements of songs. Singing experience required; experience singing in parts a plus!

Poetry & Spoken Word (12-15) Ariel

Write a poem and step up to the mic. Explore the tools and techniques to craft and perform your own poetry. Whether you think of yourself as a writer, an actor or an artist – you’ll leave this Daily a poet.